Executive & Selling Committee

The ESC of the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate for the current Financial Year 2019-2020 is composed of the following members:

 mss-nicolas-maigrot  mss-gungah
Nicolas Maigrot
Vice President
Keeshorlal Gungah

André Bonieux
Hector Espitalier Noel
Jean Li Yuen Fong
Jacques Marrier d'Unienville, G.O.S.K.
Jean Ribet

MCIA Representative
Raj Kamal Soniah

MSS Executives

Large Planters Representatives
Gunness Bhuruth
Heymant Rao Anand Sonoo

Small Planters Representatives
Pramanund Newoor, M.S.K.

MSS Devesh-Img

Devesh Dukhira
Chief Executive Officer & Secretary

Laurent Courteille
International Marketing Executive

Balmick Sanjay Molaye
Chief Finance Officer