100% delicious,
100% Made in Mauritius

The Mauritius Sugar Syndicate is the proud custodian of Mauritius cane sugars, including a unique range of specialty sugars: 100% delicious, 100% Made in Mauritius.

As a non-profit organisation, its primary goal is to optimise producers’ revenue through the most appropriate marketing strategies while ensuring that the sale proceeds are fairly distributed. The Mauritius Sugar Syndicate is governed by sugar producers, comprising corporate and smaller independent sugarcane growers as well as millers.


We add value to Mauritius Sugars sustainably by delivering a unique range of services to our members and clients.


To achieve excellence through the positioning of Mauritius Sugars in the most sophisticated niche markets.



We foster meaningful and long term mutually beneficial relationships and collaboration with our producers, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.


We value and treat our people fairly, promote team work, engagement and create conditions for each and every team member to learn and grow.


We are committed to creating a more transparent, and accountable environment that nurtures trust.


We actively listen to our clients’ needs and strive to develop innovative solutions to fulfill expectations.


We respectfully engage with Sugar Cane Millers and Planters, members of the MSS, in all objectivity and fairness.