Mauritius Sugars, A Heritage

In the shade of authentic sugar mill chimneys, our people, producers, growers and millers, work together with their heart and hands. For a rising Mauritius.

Trust & Transparency

For more than a century, we have paid close attention to the needs of our members and clients, going out of our way to meet – and exceed – their expectations. Powered by our solid reputation in the sugar cane industry, and nurturing trust, transparency and fairness, we continue to consolidate our partnership with our members and clients.


Working closely with our clients, planters and producers, we understand the challenges they face and are committed to helping them quench their thirst for quality. We deliver timely and innovative solutions, ensuring that the integrity of our products is preserved throughout the supply chain.


We believe in creating a fairer economic system. Together with our stakeholders, we are moving forward towards a greener and more inclusive Mauritius. Our solutions pave the way for a green local sugar supply chain.