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Discover, experience, and taste the very best of Mauritius while indulging in an unrivalled range of special unrefined sugars.

Mauritius Special Sugars

Mauritius offers an unrivalled range of special unrefined sugars crafted from the finest centuries-old savoir-faire and traditions of a unique sunshine-blessed cane terroir. They are made with meticulous precision for diverse household and industrial usage; for sweetening tea or coffee, baking, confectionery, winemaking, haute cuisine… Sumptuous, Delicious… AND Nutritious

 Mauritius Special Sugars are to be feasted upon with the eyes first, each of them consisting of sumptuous crystals that are perfectly uniform in size and colour. They are also renowned across the globe for the natural intensity of their aroma and taste. Among the prestigious 2-star Great Taste Awards winners are the molasses-rich unrefined soft sugars.Made from sugar cane juice, specialty sugars are richer in antioxidants and minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium as they retain a higher molasses content.

Authenticity at its finest

Discover, experience, and taste the very best of Mauritius while indulging in these Special Sugars. They are produced in a raw sugar house in an allergen-free environment, without any preservatives or other additives to enhance the colour and flavour. Their production does not involve the use of ionising radiation or animal derivatives, hence their suitability for all consumers.

Their quality, safety, stability and legality are derived from:

- The volcanic nature of our soils

- The perfect match between sugar cane vegetative & maturation cycle & the Mauritius climate

- The special boiling and conditioning systems in place at the mills - The high level of control over process parameters by vastly experienced Sugar/Chemical Engineers

- Judicious choice of food contact materials and processing aids

- Excellent control over the food safety plan by preventive control Qualified Individuals (PCQI)

- The implementation of a food safety management system (BRC) recognised by the Global Food safety initiative

- Excellent control over the supply chain through the implementation of CTPAT minimum security criteria and guidelines